Virtual Payments Forum

A striking broadcast experience to drive sales engagement.

Broadcast & Virtual


Create a high-quality broadcast experience attracting a senior audience. Take responsibility for every aspect from creative development to filming and streaming. Communicate Visa’s European expertise, bringing in contributors from many countries and organisations.


Our start-point was ‘open for business’, reflecting Visa’s role in helping businesses thrive through the pandemic. This, coupled with the need to reflect an innovative technology brand, drove our approach.


An as-live multi-format broadcast hosted from the Dragon’s Den studio. Giant canvases were used as windows to different European vistas and as portals to content. Pre-recorded content saw shoots in 16 different countries, contributors including Visa’s Global CEO and the Greek Prime Minister.

Relaxed, conversational formats, combined with stunning mixed reality graphics, helped us create a compelling audience experience. We worked with Visa’s European CEO to help her lead the broadcast and deliver a distinctly Visa experience.

The finished product was all we hoped for and more and we’re continuing to get positive feedback on the level of production as well as the content. It was very polished and televisual – which is exactly what we wanted.