Arm Islands

Brought a global audience together around 24hours of live content.

Broadcast & Virtual


Bring together 4,000 Arm employees from around the world to relax and celebrate together through a highly sophisticated virtual experience.


To impress Arm’s technologists, we aimed for something that was truly alive. We set out to make the experience as in the moment as possible: 24hours of live global engagement rolling across time-zones, delivered in a highly animated environment.


Arm Islands saw us taking everyone to a fantasy island archipelago. To achieve a feeling of travel, the landing page was a speedboat. The boat’s dashboard included games, slack channels and everyday in the build up a new island appeared on the horizon. 

Feathers Macaw was the islands’ virtual assistant, helping people tailor their experience. The mainstage island hosted live content including bands, gameshows and talks.

Guests could visit the Island of Wellbeing and take part in relaxation workshops. Across the bay another island hosted games, a kids’ zone and an amazing Cirque du Soleil show. 

The continuous live stream was produced from our London gallery. This included interactive content such as Q&As with the global leadership, regional gameshows and live audience requests for the various bands and DJs. 

Arm Islands was designed and delivered on Live Union’s Beehive virtual platform.

An incredible creative concept, its design and execution was fantastically well received.