Global Climate Conference

Overcoming geography to connect young people from 110 countries.

Broadcast & Virtual


Activate National Grid’s support of COP with a global virtual experience, helping young engineers connect and collaborate on the green energy transition.


The success of this activation came directly from its inclusivity. We removed as many barriers to participation as possible, whether in technology, content, time-zones and language.


The experience was held in a virtual eco-park, complete with biodomes, hydroponics, and a wind farm. The content was led by National Grid’s apprentices, who helped design the agenda and source contributors.

To reach all time-zones, the event was made up of two half days, hosted in both the UK and US. Sessions varied in style with keynotes, interviews, panels and quizzes. Live content was complemented by 45 on-demand videos.

Attendees connected through 1:1 meetings on the platform and at topic tables. A Green Jobs board shared 70+ opportunities. The success of the experience saw young engineers from 110 countries make connections in support of solving the climate crisis.

The conference was designed and delivered on Live Union’s Beehive virtual platform.

The ingenuity, creativity and technical design were superb.