Hybrid Global Leadership Experience

Experiential design connected the leadership with the strategy and with one another.

In–Person Broadcast & Virtual


Help a globally distributed senior leadership team connect in-person around the business strategy. Hybridise parts of the experience to engage 600 remote colleagues.


Our route into the business strategy was through the end-consumer. We set out to create striking activations for each part of the business - experiences that expressed the human stories behind the business priorities. Leaders were free to map their own journey and where they went deeper.


Self-guided exploration through the activations prompted conversations and offered leaders new insights. These spaces were also used across the three-days to host huddle conversations. Whole group discussions were held in a purpose-built amphitheatre, whilst presentations took place in a separate space.

The virtual audience joined via Live Union’s Beehive platform, where they could experience digital versions of the activations. They also joined some of the presentations. 

Both in-person and virtual audiences were able to access further content via either QR codes or through the virtual platform. 

Live Union’s digital team created a mosaic wall that dramatically connected the in-person audience face-to-face with virtual colleagues.