Spark - Leadership Experience

Immersive experience delivered in a highly sustainable way.



Veolia delivers ecological transformation for its customers. Our brief was to help 450 mangers connect with the business’ wide range of solutions, in a way that sparked new relationships. Sustainability was to be both the subject matter and fundamental to the execution.


An immersive design approach that put people in control of their own journey, letting them choose where they went deeper.


Veolia’s CEO kicked-off this one-day event by sharing the business context – a springboard for people to enjoy experiential activations of solutions and customer stories.

A multi-sensory decompression zone helped people shift focus as they entered three interactive areas. These walk-through experiences used physical displays, soundscapes, scent and video to bring innovations to life. QR codes gave people access to deeper content.

The Ecology of Solutions lounge saw people get hands-on with different services and chatting to the colleagues responsible for them. 

A focus on sustainable production saw trees that were used in one of the zones being donated to local schools, flooring having a second life at an equestrian centre, pallets going on to be used at other events, and branding being repurposed as laptop bags.

After six months of planning, Spark 2023 became our most sustainable event ever.