Immersive Product Launch

We made the audience the hero of their own journey.



Achieve a high impact launch, getting senior business and press audiences hands-on with Santander’s international trade platform. Generate sales conversations and market awareness.


Audience insight suggested that to attract and engage people we needed to put them in control of their own journey. We set out to design an immersive walk-through experience that gave people choice over how they how they spent their time, where they went deeper and the types of interaction they had.


We offered a choice of time slots across the day. Dividing the audience into smaller groups allowed us to design an immersive experience that saw people exploring six zones. 

Each zone focused on a different product feature. The zones were designed to be playful, multi-sensory and generate conversation. We layered digital, tactile and audio engagement and encouraged different personality types to choose how they engaged.

This reimagining of a product launch responded to changing audience behaviours and ensured we exceeded targets for attendance and number of Navigator demonstrations booked.


Live Union helped us create something dramatically different, something incredibly effective in launching Navigator on the path to success