Payments Forum

Smart experience design connected people with ideas and with one another.



Design and deliver Visa’s flagship European client experience held over three days in Dublin. Showcase Visa’s partnerships and products and help the 900 person audience make the most valuable connections.


We focused on making Visa’s digital solutions tangible, bringing them to life in a way that allowed us to choreograph targeted conversations. A European high street was the creative setting into which we designed activations, this reflected Visa’s advertising and provided numerous ways to spark valuable connections.


Five zones were designed around the high street to help people navigate the content. Pop-up stages included the Stadium and the Skatepark. There were also deep-dive clinics and meeting spaces. Catering was integrated into our urban setting.

A digital solution was integrated into the experience, helping clients personalise their time and request further content.

Whilst main stage content provided context, the audience experience was very much focused on people interacting around the high street.

The experience was amazing. The feedback has been outstanding. The bar has been raised