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Whether your audience are leaders, employees or customers, we’ll work with you to create live experiences that resonate more deeply. Deeper connections. Deeper conversations. Deeper convictions. By taking a people-centric approach we design and deliver experiences that reflect people’s changing needs.

Strategic Communications

From audience insight and channel planning, to narrative development and content scoping

Creative Experience Design

Crafting audience experiences with our talented in-house design team and content experts

In-house Production

Multi-channel production expertise across in-person, virtual, broadcast, hybrid experiences


Our passion is finding new ways to connect people. We draw inspiration from live experiences of all kinds, always on the lookout for new ways to uplift audiences. The things we discover are shared in our monthly newsletter, That’s Interesting.


We believe the best ideas happen when you bring people with different skills and backgrounds together in a low ego, mutually respectful environment. This is set out in the Live Union Pact, something we agreed as a team defining the things that bind us together.

Always Striving to be Sustainable

Saying you’re committed to sustainability is easy. Achieving it is harder. These are the three ways we make a difference.

Informed decision making

Our membership of ISLA allows us to forecast emissions and scenario plan to reduce them and allows us to accurately report and demystify environmental impact. We offer ISLA’s Trace tool to all our clients free of charge.

Aligning with clients

Sustainability is most effective when in-line with a client’s wider CSR commitments and when it takes account of what an audience most value. 

Smarter delivery

By understanding the data, staying up to date with technical and material innovations, and by forming relationships with organisations such as Event Cycle – our production team make significant reductions in emissions and waste.

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