That’s Interesting – October 2023

Welcome to October’s That’s Interesting.

Before we get into this month’s dose of interesting morsels from the world of experience design, we’d like to invite you to our fabulous Audience Immersion breakfast. Previously, we’ve explored the shift in what audiences value from live experiences, now we unpack how businesses can respond by taking people deeper. You’ll learn how brands and organisations as diverse as Lego, Visa, Welcome Trust and even Batman are creating immersive experiences.

Be sure to book your place. 

So what’s been catching our attention at Live Union this month?

Wired’s 5 Levels       

(5min Explore)

We love a media format that can be evolved into a live experience. Our friends at Storythings do a great job of explaining why 5 Levels is such a powerful way to unpack complexity. We think there’s a great opportunity to use this approach, live or on video, at events


(1min Watch)

How Apple and others wrap up their presentations

(3min Read)

A bit dogmatic, but we agree with the sentiment

(1min Watch)

The joy is in the detail. Incredible activation.

(1min Watch)

“Opening a mystery box engages multiple senses” – true that!

A Venue to Know About

A Book to Read

Unpacking how we meet and why it matters. May well transform how you think about designing experiences.

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