That's Interesting — July '24

Power of Spectacle

Most Interesting!

Power of Spectacle

(1min read)

The Sphere in Las Vegas has hosted its first business event, giving organisers a cool 1.2m LED lights to play with.

Graffiti Granny's

(3min explore)

We came across this fabulous initiative while planning a live experience in Lisbon. We love working with our clients to find creative ways to bring local organisations into events, and this could be a great way to pimp the branding!

Force for Good

(3min read)

Coldplay have reported a 59% drop in the carbon footprint of their current tour. Much of this is down to changes in how they handle transport and waste. But they also engage their audience and gain headlines with initiative such as kinetic dancefloors that generate energy and power bikes for fans to hop on during shows.

5% Rule

(1min read)

Priya Parker is a conflict resolution adviser and author who thinks deeply about the incredible potential of gatherings, and how to make best use of people’s time together. Focusing on the first 5% to prepare people is just one useful insight.

Rolling Conversation

(2min explore)

As event formats become ever more discursive, we’re continually on the lookout for ways to quickly transform spaces and help different sized groups connect. This could be just the ticket!


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