That's Interesting — June '24

Art and AI

Most Interesting!

Recursive Art

(2min explore)

Stunning way to visually demonstrate generative AI. We love the idea of this running live at an event

Museum Narratives

(4min read)

Ten approaches for breathing life into museum displays – all useful for live experience design

The Giving Tree

(2min explore)

Clever spatial design and beautiful graphics get people looking up with sense of awe

Spotlight on Attractions

(3min read)

Lifting the curtain on how visitor attractions are created – start by identifying a primary emotion – joy, fear, wonder

C2 – The Most Creative Event in the Industry

(3min explore)

There’s certain a lot to be impressed by. ‘Content builds connections’ is a sentiment we very much share

The Future of Fragrance 

(3min explore)

A hyperphysical experience for Charlotte Tilbury


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