That’s Interesting – November 2023

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” – Margaret Heffernan

Welcome to November’s That’s Interesting.

At Live Union we create uplifting experiences, connecting people with ideas and to one another. This means being curious and hunting out inspiration from far and wide – below we share the best of what we’ve uncovered this month.

If you’d like to discuss reimagining your experiences, whether in-person, broadcast or hybrid, then please do drop us a line.

We hope you enjoy this month’s dose of inspiration.

(5min Read)

Live experiences are the heartbeat of human interaction - this research proves it.


(4 min explore)

Colourful activations made from recycled plastic waste. A great organisation to know about.

(5 min watch)

This interactive light installation uses data, cameras and spatial sound to uncover algorithms behind human and digital interaction. Incredible example of data visualisation done right.

(3min Read)

A castle made of mesh. An ephemeral installation connecting past and present illustrating Dante’s Paradiso.

(5min Explore)

The amazing people at Loud Number have been working with us on our latest Audience Immersion Breakfast. Their work adds whole new dimensions to data and storytelling.

(3min Explore)

These artworks made from tape are perfectly suited to event environments.

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