That’s Interesting – November 2022

“People ignore design that ignores people” - Frank Chimero - Designer
It strikes us that this quote is especially true of live experience design. In November’s That’s Interesting, we share stories and approaches that ensure you don’t ignore your audience.

(5 min Read)

On 30th November, we’re hosting a breakfast event unpacking the ideas raised in this think-piece. Book your place to hear Santander, Arm and National Grid discuss how they’re evolving their event design to meet changing audience needs.


(5 min Explore)

These guys are leading the way in helping people collaborate in digital environments. Remember that solutions like this can be integrated into our virtual event platform, Beehive.

(2 min Explore)

Deeply beautiful experiences at the intersection of in-person and digital.

(2 min Explore)

It’s karaoke in a caravan. Hats off to a truly great product name.

(30 min listen)

Former Disney Imagineer, Margaret Kerrison, discusses how Disney World attractions such as Star Wars are created. We love her description of ‘plusing’ an experience.

(4 min Read)

Seating should never be an afterthought. Here are 16 ways to challenge the norm.

(2 min Read)

Fabulous energy generating innovation at Glasgow’s SWG3.

(3 min Read)

A format that helped Reagan and Gorbachev form a deeper relationship.

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