That’s Interesting – March 2024

Welcome to this month’s That’s Interesting. 

At Live Union we create uplifting experiences, connecting people with ideas and to one another. This means being curious and hunting out inspiration from far and wide. Before we jump into the best of what we’ve uncovered this month, we wanted to let you know about an exciting new collaboration.

We’ve formed a relationship with Punchdrunk Enrichment. As well as supporting Punchdrunk Enrichment’s charitable projects, we’ll be working together to bring new approaches to our clients’ live experiences. See below to experience this in action.

(2min Explore)

We're inviting you to something very special..


(1 min Watch)

Can’t wait to get our hands on some of these. So many content ideas!

(1 min Explore)

No more endless takes and forgotten scripts! This piece of technology brings AI to post-production in many clever ways.

(2 min Explore)

Fantastic way of bringing to life the everyday AI skills we should all be developing.

(2 min Read)

Beautifully crafted immersive activation.

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