That’s Interesting – March 2022
Welcome to That’s Interesting – The March Edition. This month, ideas from ‘The Art of Gathering’ have been ricocheting around the agency. Some of the team have also been raving about the Green Planet AR experience in Piccadilly Circus.

Most Interesting

(Long Read & Podcast)

A cornucopia of formats and ideas for better human
interactions. Try before you buy with this episode of the
Hurry Slowly podcast.


(2 min Explore)

Meet the Dundu family.

(2 min Read)

An actual metaverse event. Underwhelming?

(1 min Explore)

Taking things beyond small talk...

(3 min Explore)

From ‘The Art of Gathering’, a collaborative format that leaves egos outside the room.

(5 min Explore)

Some beautiful event ideas, not least the slinkies.

(2 min Explore)

Bang in the middle of London, a 2,000 capacity venue, with the world’s largest high-resolution wraparound screens.


Join David Attenborough, through the magic of augmented reality, on an immersive journey into the secret kingdom of plants.
Somewhere between a conference and a good party.

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