That’s Interesting – June 2023

“Conversations are the tools that change our culture.” - Seth Godin

Welcome to June’s That’s Interesting.

At Live Union we create uplifting experiences, connecting people with ideas and to one another. This means being curious and hunting out inspiration from far and wide – this newsletter outlines the highlights of what we have uncovered this month.

If you’d like to discuss reimagining your experiences, then get in touch to learn more about our expertise with in-person, virtual, broadcast and hybrid engagement.

We hope you enjoy this month’s dose of inspiration. 

(3min Read)

The Olympics are doing this for the Seine. How might events power change in your organisation?


(4min Read)

There’s no other media channel that builds employee or customer trust like live experiences.

(1min Explore)

Las Vegas studio blazing a trail for the future of live experiences

(3min Read)

We’re looking forward to this most sustainable of materials becoming available

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