That’s Interesting – July 2023

“If audiences get used to the rules, change them” - Felix Barrett, Punchdrunk

Welcome to July’s That’s Interesting.

At Live Union we create uplifting experiences, connecting people with ideas and to one another. This means being curious and hunting out inspiration from far and wide – this newsletter shares the best of what we have uncovered this month.

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We hope you enjoy this month’s dose of inspiration.

(5min Explore)

Wimbledon are breaking new ground and there are clear opportunities for event content to follow suit.


(2min Explore)

3D print your event branding from last year’s waste.

(1min Watch)

Interesting perspective on designing formats for today’s audience.

(3min Read)

Lots to learn from the museum sector.

(1min Watch)

Best choreographed drone display yet.

(2min Explore)

Desperate for an opportunity to use this.

(15min Watch)

The absurd logistics of concert tours.

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