That's Interesting February

Welcome to February’s ‘That’s Interesting’. This month has a focus on ‘spectacle’ and the return of in-person experiences.

Most Interesting

Fitting the universe into a cube (2min exlpore)
An incredible production and engineering story

Just Plain Interesting

Chanel, the princess and the pony (1min watch)
Beautiful and brave

Kraftwerk with lasers (5min watch)
Mesmeric Berlin Installation

Meow Wolf – transforming the world through play (4min explore)
And a great podcast talking to the founder

World’s largest Esports stadium (2min explore)
The perfect venue for the multi-channel event landscape

Event Cycle (3min explore)
A good recycling resource to know about

Becoming an empathetic virtual presenter (4min read)
Clear, simple tips we’ll all benefit from

Something to go to

Waste-age at the Design Museum 

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