That’s Interesting – December 2023

…And that’s a wrap on 2023 (well, nearly). As ever, this year we’ve tried to share heaps of inspiration and new ways of thinking about live experiences. Check out our latest report on Audience Immersion, exploring ways to take your audience deeper.

In this final That’s Interesting of the year, we’ve pulled together our ten favourite stories, experiences, innovations and partners from the past twelve months.

(30min Listen)

Punchdrunk Enrichment were fabulous contributors to our Audiences Unleashed breakfast in April this year. This podcast sheds light on how they think about experience design.

(3min Explore)

Experience design tips relevant to business and brands.

(5min Read)

Live experiences are the heartbeat of human interaction - this research proves it.

(1min Explore)


(1min Watch)

Best choreographed drone display yet.

(3min Explore)

Using multiple existing items to create event environments can be both sustainable and striking.

(5min Explore)

The amazing people at Loud Numbers have been working with us on our latest Audience Immersion Breakfast. Their work adds whole new dimensions to data and storytelling.

(2min Explore)

3D print your event branding from last year’s waste.

(50sec Watch)

Gorgeousness from PixelArtworks.

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