That’s Interesting – December 2022

“To say that something is designed, means it has intentions that go beyond its function. Otherwise it’s just planning.” — Ayse Birsel

In this December’s That’s Interesting, we’re sharing ideas that will inspire you to go beyond when you’re designing experiences, and don’t stop at merely planning events.

(5 min Explore)

This venue that calls itself a “district”, is using the latest immersive technology to bring the Metaverse directly to Oxford Street. We recommend “Room to Breathe” – a 15-minute total multi-sensory experience teaching people how to use breathwork to reduce anxiety in just four minutes.


(22 min Watch)

This Ted Talk by Vince Kadlubek, one of the creators of MeowWolf, delves into the power of the unknown and invites you to get in touch with your imagination.

(37 min Listen)

A conversation with Detria Williamson, former Chief Marketing Officer of IDEO, which covers inclusion, what it means when design becomes commoditised, and how remote and hybrid work impact inclusivity.

(4 min Read)

Travelling can be stressful. Milwaukee’s airport’s Recombombulation Area reminds us all that it’s okay to take a moment to breathe and “recombombulate”, when things get overwhelming.

(5 min Explore)

This masterclass takes you behind the scenes on the work of PunchDrunk designers, showing you how to use images and stories to create epic and immersive worlds.

(3 min Read)

Zoom takes on the future of virtual events. We’re here to embrace it!

(5 min Explore)

Get ready to travel back in time to the 1970s, with this West Hollywood roller rink-inspired venue. Rather head-spinning, we might add.

(3 min Explore)

Voxon technology physically builds “holograms”, using millions of points of light, so they can be viewed at any angle without glasses or headgears.

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