That’s Interesting – April 2023

“Your audience gives you everything you need. They tell you. There is no director who can direct you like an audience.” - Fanny Brice

Welcome to April’s That’s Interesting. Amongst other things, we share two brilliant reports giving valuable insight into how audiences are changing and how live experiences might respond – nicely summed up as ‘captivate, don’t capture’.

(15min Read)

Tradeshow company Freeman have released their latest trends report full of smart insights on what upcoming audiences value from events. 


(3min Read)

Using multiple existing items to create event environments can be both sustainable and striking.

(30sec Watch)

(5min Read)

Smart thinking on experience design from Google’s Experience Institute in New York.

(17min Watch)

The Old Vic has lots of useful resources, things that can be adapted from theatre for other areas of life, this video from a voice coach is one of them.

(10min Read)

Our friends Storythings have released their report on how hybrid working is changing attention, it’s relevant and inspiring for anyone designing live experiences.

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