Interesting October

Welcome to October’s That’s Interesting. This month we share everything from an event series focused on business f#@!ups to gesture controlled holograms and disappearing straws.

Most Interesting

Experiences that Deliver Wisdom (4min read)
Wise words on designing experiences that go beyond sharing information to provide the problem-solving skills today’s high performing businesses value.

Just Plain Interesting

F#@!UP Nights (1min explore)
A global event movement to know about. Stories of failure being told in 318 cities around the world.

Gesture Controlled Holograms (2min watch)
We’ve used Hypervsn’s hologram fans before,  this takes it to the next level. We’re keeping our eyes open for an opportunity to trial it.

Take a 2D approach to your next set design (2min explore)
Our design studio is currently designing some pop-up book style sets for a client. This Tokyo café has been great inspiration.

Guest photo sculptures (2min explore)
We’re big fans of Luster’s photo experiences, these sculptures look great.

Smart looking temporary structures (2min explore)
Snoozi, Yumi, Oio – what’s right for your event?

It’s in the detail (1min look)
Great example of the power of little things and building-in charm.

Sustainably Interesting

Disappearing Straws (1min explore)
The great thing about these seaweed straws is not just that they’re biodegradable, it’s that they have an interesting product story to share with your audience.

Less environmentally harmful event badging (1min explore)
One-off lanyards and badges can often be avoided, but these ideas from Oomph are a step in the right direction.

Plane shame (1min explore)
A simple tool for calculating the impact of flying over more sustainable travel. Not always possible but sobering to understand the impact.

Venue to Checkout 

Exhibition London

p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

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