Interesting October

Welcome to the latest ‘That’s Interesting’ featuring the event-worthy discoveries that have been circulating the Live Union offices during October. On 22nd November we’ll be hosting one of our Interesting Breakfasts at the Soho Hotel. If you enjoy this newsletter then you’ll love it! Tickets are available here
Most Interesting:
Chanel’s Stunning Set Design (Quick watch)
Hat’s off to everyone involved in this gorgeous production. Nice threads too.

Just Plain Interesting:
Very cool Tape Art (2min explore)
A whole new world of graphic display. Perfect for your networking space, office or exhibition stand.
Screens Re-imagined (5min explore)
A Live Union report exploring incredible new ways to bring stories to life at events.
Huge Illuminated Flowers (2min explore)
We’ve just ordered a bunch of these epic blooms for an upcoming event.
Bill Gates Releases Mosquitoes into TED audience (2min watch)
The power of a simple prop or stunt to make sure audiences remember your point.
Projection Helmets (1min explore)
Who wouldn’t want to don one of National Geographic’s immersive space helmets?
The KidCat Team (1min explore)
The place to go for feline performers who project a live feed of what they’re looking at through their LED eyes!

Some things to go to:
Videogames – Design / Play / Disrupt at V&A
Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro
Skyline Skating at John Lewis

If there’s something interesting you think we should include, please share it via

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