Interesting November

Welcome to November’s ‘That’s Interesting’. Not surprisingly, seven months into this era of online events, audiences are starting to expect a lot more. Below are some great ideas to help you level up your virtual experiences.

Most Interesting

Virtual Hallways(5min explore)
Wonder is a game-changer for networking at virtual events. Gatherly is a similar tool. This post compares the two.

Just Plain Interesting

Suffering from Ghost Attendees?(4min read)
Gamification isn’t the only solution but it’s one for the toolbox

Cheer at the Ballpark(3min explore)
A brilliant idea for bringing the audience’s emotions into a virtual experience. Surely there is a way to deploy this for business events?

Level-up Your Virtual Content(1min watch)
Fab animation from our sister agency Slider Presents. Download the report here.

Useful Tips for Briefing Remote Speakers (4min read)
More wise words here.

How will Events Evolve in the Next Two Years?(5min read)
Four stats that tell a story.

Virtual Photobooths(2min explore)
Audiences are crying out for some fun at virtual events – this could help.

Something To Escape From

The Mermaid’s Tongue

Spectre & Vox

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