Interesting November

Welcome to November’s ‘That’s Interesting’. This month we have highlights from The Electronic Theatre who are merging live and digital experiences and The Portrait Machine who are going full circle, re-imagining the digital experience as something distinctly offline. All this, plus a new Live Union report focusing on sustainability in events.

Most Interesting

Sustainability: The Audience Imperative (10min read)
Event audiences are demanding two things: more sustainable events and more creative engagement. Our new report looks at ideas that achieve both.

Just Plain Interesting

The Portrait Machine   (1min explore)
Joyful and distinctly analogue take on a photo booth.

Immersive Adventures  (1min explore)
Making screen time social. A brilliant concept from the people who invented Tough Mudder.

LinkedIn Events is Back (3min read)
EventMB aren’t too complimentary, but the potential for marketing your events is undeniable.

Best Ever Advice for Preparing a Presentation  (2min read)
People only really learn when they’re surprised.

Incredible Mirrored Skate Installation   (1min explore)
Scroll down to the photos to explore this incredible in-store installation.

Why You Should Brief Designers Before 10.16 am (2min read)

Something to go to

Ghost Quartet at the newly opened Boulevard Theatre on the site of the famous Raymond Revuebar.

Something for Christmas

Real photos! Polaroid’s product for the mobile age.

p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

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