Interesting May

Welcome to this month’s That’s Interesting. With so much innovation and amazing creative thinking around virtual experiences it can be hard to keep up – below are some examples we love.

On the afternoon of 25th June, we’ll be hosting a Virtual Interesting – sharing inspiration for a new event landscape. Register your interest.

Most Interesting

Post-Lockdown Experiences  (10min read)
Our new report sharing event solutions for a changing world.

Just Plain Interesting

Goat-2-meeting  (2min explore)
The greatest virtual product name ever! Who doesn’t want a goat to join their team meeting?

Agenda planning tool (4min explore)
Good virtual events tend to be comprised of multiple varied segments. This app is ideal for designing your agendas.

Designing great slides for online events (2min watch)
8 top tips from our sister agency Slider Presents.

Digital Deception (2min explore)
Even more so than at face-to-face events, virtual audiences crave surprises and changes of pace. These guys might be your answer.

Teambuilding for virtual audiences  (5min explore)
Only 54 ideas to choose between.

Something to Stay in For

Secret Cinema’s Secret Sofa 

p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

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