Interesting March

Welcome to March’s ‘That’s Interesting’. This month we blow hot and cold, everything from a spicy chicken wings alternative to a traditional on stage interview to an igloo building festival.

Most Interesting

20 event ideas in 20 slides  (4min explore)

Conor’s amazing Pecha Kucha deck from the recent Interesting Breakfast!

Just Plain Interesting

Hot Ones   (2min watch)

Want to liven-up your fire-side chats? This might work!

3D Human Projections   (2min watch)

Could a hologram portal be the future of virtual presenters?

Departure Lounge   (2min explore)

A really well designed experience engages people with the one thing no one wants to engage with

8 Insights on customer-centric events   (3min read)

Useful soundbites to inspire your experience design

Proxfinity Smart Badge   (3min explore)

The jury’s out on smart badges but wearables within events is an area to keep abreast of

Igloo Festival   (2min watch)

Igloo building competition and masterclasses in Siberia

100% PowerPoint   (1min watch)

Slider’s fab new reel shows the incredible levels of animation that can be achieved in ppt

p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

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