Interesting March

Welcome to March’s Interesting. We’ve recently been taking Interesting on the road. Bringing to life the best of these ideas to various businesses. Do get in touch if you’d like us to come and share some event inspiration with your team.

Most Interesting
Anatomy of a 2018 Delegate (15min read)
We’ve had loads of great feedback to our report getting under the skin of what today’s audience really value. Download your copy.

Just plain interesting
Samsung use AR to solve a problem (3min read)
All too often AR is a solution looking for a problem. Samsung actually had a problem – how to get enough of their Galaxy 9s into people’s hands at Mobile World Congress.

Convening power (2min read)
As businesses lose control of the environments in which their marketing appears, events are an increasingly attractive way to communicate their brand.

Six ways to use apps to get people networking (3min read)
A concise introduction to the networking apps you need to know about.

Graffiti Kings (2min explore)
Fun, energetic idea to put a bit of colour into your next event.

Radical hospitality (3min read)
Do your event audience feel welcome?

Inside the Olympic drone spectacle (3min watch)
If you haven’t seen the show itself you can watch it here.

A venue to know about:
New space open for bookings at the Science Museum

Something interesting to go to:
Tunnel Visions (2min explore)
The Barbican are great at installations. This looks like one to check out.

If there’s something interesting you think we should include, please share it via

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