Interesting June

Welcome to June’s That’s Interesting. A bumper collection of ideas and inspiration from right across the event world. We’ve been taking That’s Interesting on the road – so do get in touch if you’d like us to come and share some event inspiration with your team.

Most interesting:

Formats re-imagined  (15min read)
A new report from Live Union exploring the incredible innovation that’s happening in event formats. We share six exciting and diverse event architectures. Download your copy

Just plain interesting:

Data strings (3min explore)
A clever way to get to know your audience by creating visually stunning, live, real-world infographics. Here’s a nice photo of one

Stunning Ligeo lighting bars (2min explore)
You may well have seen these in retails displays; they’re definitely worth considering for your next event or exhibition design

Six TED talks for event professionals (20min explore)
Where good ideas come from and Build a tower are special favourites of ours

Spherical touchscreen display (5min explore)
Fun and intuitive way to help people navigate your content

C2 Montreal changes the rules (30min listen)
Fascinating insight into a business event that really does things differently

Dom Perignon’s Lumiere Dinner (2min watch)
Really clever use of projection and lighting to create a dinner like no other

Something to go to:

See what can be created with 520 computers and 470 projectors – reason enough to head to Tokyo for your summer holiday!

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