Interesting July

Welcome to July’s That’s Interesting. Our shortlist of the most useful and inspiring things we’ve come across in the wide world of events.

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Most Interesting:

Interesting Breakfast 10min explore
We recently presented the very best of That’s Interesting over breakfast at 100 Wardour. These are the themes and links to some of the most popular stories and ideas we’ve shared. You can find videos of some of the talks on our blog

Plain Interesting:

Hashtag mosaics 3min explore
Creative, participative idea that gets people talking by merging the physical and the digital
Selfie factories 3min read
The value of designing Instagramable events
AR signs in the air 3min explore
As fans of AR’s ability to add a new dimension to events, we were always going to love this clever way of using AR to signpost locations and people
Five ways to make your next presentation better 1min read
“A presentation is expensive. It’s many of us, in real time, in sync, all watching you do your thing”
Why I’d never do a TED Talk 3min read
Rehearsed smugness and making the simple sound profound – she’s not a fan!

Something to go to:

The Future Starts Here    
Entertaining and thought-provoking exhibition that uses clever physical and interaction design to pose questions about the future

Something for your next BBQ:

The Monkey Mixer

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