Interesting jan v2

Happy New Year and welcome to January’s That’s Interesting.

Below we share three New Year’s resolutions for creating amazing live experiences. Featuring some of last year’s most popular ‘interestings’, as well as some new ones, we hope to spark ideas for achieving incredible face-to-face engagement in the months ahead.
Resolution #1: Make it immersive

Incredible screen formats are one way to take your audience deeper.
Charity Water’s 360 screen  (2min watch)
Screen content is bursting out of the confines of 16:9. Budgets don’t always need to vast to benefit from new screen formats.
Nissan’s AR stage presentation  (5min watch)
Augmented Reality makes the impossible possible adding a whole new dimension to the audience experience. 
Screens Re-imagined (5min explore)
Check out Live Union’s thinkpiece delving deeper into how screen innovations are driving new ways of telling stories.
Of course making it immersive isn’t just about screens.
Chanel’s Paris catwalk show  (2min watch)
One of the most incredible and theatrical examples of taking an audience deeper.
Resolution #2: Make it stick

In an increasingly distracting world audiences value event content designed to be remembered.
Facilitation Tool Kit (endless exploring)
Hyper Island specialise in designing learning experiences for businesses. This is their tool box of facilitation methodologies. A mighty fine resource for next time you’re called upon to create a workshop. 
S.T.A.R. Moments (1min read) 
Presentation agency Duarte’s ideas for speakers looking to give the audience Something They’ll Always Remember.
Samsung use AR to turn a badge into a phone (3min read)
Augmented Reality is an incredibly experiential way to help people explore content in their own way and at their own pace.
Resolution #3: Make it connect

With audiences placing more value on networking, the win for brands is to help people connect around their content.
Data strings (1min explore) 
A fun way to spark discussion and get to know your audience. Create visually stunning, live, real-world infographics.
TED’s Tech Playground (3min explore)
At Live Union we offer a Digital Playground format, designed to make technology more approachable. This is TED’s version of the same concept and includes some lovely playful experiences. 
Braindate Lounge (2min explore)
Bring an increased focus to your networking. Technology and environment combine to achieve more valuable connections.

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