Interesting January

Welcome to the first ‘That’s Interesting’ of 2020. This month we sweat the detail, sharing how a subtle change of language can energize your Q&A, and look at the big picture with a new report on 2020 event audiences.

In Live Union news, we’ve just announced our next breakfast event. The Campfire Sessions on 13th Feb, we’d love you to come along, find out more and get tickets here.

Most Interesting

What do audiences want from face-to-face experiences in 2020? (7min read)
That’s the question we’ve been discussing with our clients (thanks to everyone who gave their time and insight). Our new report shares what we found, highlighting the real value of live experiences today, and suggesting where to focus your energy.

Just Plain Interesting

Any Questions? (1min read)
How a subtle shift can improve your Q&A.

The Most Forward-Thinking Business Event in the World (3min explore)
It’s a bold claim, but a few minutes on the C2 website is likely to inspire.

No Topic, No Presentation (2min explore)
The Gathering is another disruptive Canadian business event. We particularly like the Inner Sanctum format.

Paper Craft (2min explore)
We’re looking for any excuse to use this incredible origami at an event.

Cleverly Designed Event Environment (3min explore)
The approach is human-centred design, the result is a space that feels welcoming and intuitive.

Top Ten Large Scale Artworks (3min explore)
There are a lot of potential set design ideas on this list.

Immersive Entertainment Trends (5min read)
Smart thinking on making mixed reality a communal experience.

p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

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