Interesting January

Welcome to the first Interesting of the year. Below you’ll find plenty of stimulus for your 2018 events, including an incredible presentation from CES and some sage advice on how to think about your event audience.

Most Interesting

Jaw dropping INTEL CEO presentation (90min watch)
Brian Krzanich’s CES Keynotes are an annual masterclass in how to make the most of a speaking opportunity. Skip to 27mins to see some awe-inspiring graphics.

Just plain interesting

Random coffee dates (5min read)
A wonderful post on the power of new connections within an organisation and a tool you can use to bring this idea to your next internal event.

Are your event audience tourists or explorers? (3min read)
Jeff Hurt shares a compelling way to frame how you design your events.

From Webin-argh to Webin-ahh (3min read)
Live Union’s Conor Harte shares his tips for designing this very particular type of presentation.

A podcast to know about (25min listen)
Bizbash’s GatherGeeks podcast is a good listen. The first part of this episode discusses Microsoft’s Translate plug-in for PowerPoint. Up to 60 languages streamed live to the audience’s devices; we’re going to trial it to see if it lives up to the hype.

Sensory Reality Pods (2min explore)
No one has yet found the killer application for VR at events but this certainly opens up some new options.

Something interesting to go to:

The Moth
True stories told to a live audience. A fascinating way to observe the art and craft of storytelling. Started in the US but now also running in the UK. Find out about the next London event here.

Something for anyone going skiing:

Ski the world (4min watch)

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