Interesting December

Welcome to December’s ‘That’s Interesting’. This month you’ll find a fascinating insight into virtual sets, the pros and cons of live and pre-recorded content and a virtual gig with an audience of 5million.

Most Interesting

Virtual Sets (8min watch)

The incredible use of virtual sets in film making. Expect to see this level of production coming to events.

Just Plain Interesting

Live or Pre-recorded content? (3min read)

Good way to address 2020’s no 1 FAQ

Par extra for a Full VR Experience(3min explore)

Interesting experiment in the future of virtual events

Deep fake your Audience(4min read)

Mind blowing way to reduce bandwidth and achieve higher quality streams

Simple, Striking Presentation (2min watch)

Black background and augmented graphics makes the story zing

Something from the Music Biz

Social Distancing Flaming Lips Style (1min read)

Those bubbles were always going to come in handy

Dua Lipa Breaks Streaming Record (2min read)

An audience of 5million at £10 a ticket!

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