Interesting April

Welcome to this month’s That’s Interesting. Periods of change accelerate innovation, this month we share some amazing examples of live experiences morphing and responding to new realities.

We’re busy delivering virtual events for clients in the US and UK and helping people plan for future hybrid experiences. You can learn more about our virtual offering here.

Most Interesting

How to be a better virtual presenter(5min explore)
Really useful videos to help presenters up their game.

Just Plain Interesting

Pando’s impressive virtual studio (3min explore)
Taking virtual presenting and collaboration to a new level.

Great workshop resource for online collaboration (2min explore)
From mind-mapping to design sprints.

How to have cool onscreen graphics (4min explore)
Up your presentation game with graphic overlays.

Remote work bingo anyone? (3min explore)
A useful list of virtual team building ideas.

Zoom’s hidden features (2min read)
Wow your colleagues with your Zoom skills.

Join a virtual London venue tour (2min explore)
Igloo building competition and masterclasses in Siberia.

Plan future venue visits (2min read)
New convention centres opening around the world.

Something to Stay in For


p.s. If there’s something interesting that you’ve seen at an event, please do email us

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