Interesting April

Welcome to April’s That’s Interesting. We’ve been taking That’s Interesting on the road to bring to life the best of these newsletters for various businesses. Do get in touch if you’d like us to come and share some event inspiration with your team.

Most Interesting
TED’s Tech Playground (3min explore)
At Live Union we run a Digital Playground at some of our clients’ events, designed to help make technology more approachable. This is TED’s version of the same concept and includes some lovely playful experiences.

Just plain interesting
Beautiful touchscreen data viz (3min read)
Great David McCandless installation at the Qatar National Library

AOL’s incredible DJ cube (1min explore)
Three stories, five DJs, four screens. Perfect for your next turntable battle

Hip Props (3min explore)
On trend furniture for your next event

How to give a five-minute presentation (1min read)
Typically succinct and insightful suggestion from Seth

B2B events & the women’s movement (4min read)
The CES keynote controversy and how brands are taking the lead in supporting women in business

Why this financial summit had its own roller coaster (2min explore)
At the heart of Capstone Investment’s Volatility Summit was a roller coaster sculpture made out of 3,500 rolls of coins. Check out some of the other photos from ‘Volatility Park

The storytellers who read aloud to Cuban cigar rollers (3min watch)
Historic and inspiring storytelling

Something interesting to go to:
A pint of Science (5min explore)
Science talks in the pub. There’ll be one near you

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