Intelligent Networking Ideas for Events

The second of our Interesting Breakfast topics was Intelligent Networking. Harriette shared a great mix of format and technology ideas, all designed to help your audience make more valuable connections.

Professional Introducer

Galvanize the networking at your event by bringing in someone who’s job it is to start better conversations.

Networking Lounge

Braindate is a networking solution that combines physical design and facilitated connections to create stronger communities at events.


A trend that sees events moving away from the traditional drinks reception, instead inviting attendees to join an exercise class. It’s proven that working out in a group creates a ‘tribe mentality’, encouraging trust and developing long lasting relationships.


Soon to be released, this a speed networking scavenger hunt. Attendees are paired using an algorithm and sent a text message with a location and name. Once in pairs they have a 10minute speed network. When the time’s up everyone is given a new location and person to meet.


This app’s ‘Shake to Connect’ feature gives attendees a chance to find out who is around them and exchange contact details.

Social Wearables

Limbic Media’s ‘Capture the Rainbow’ game uses wearables to encourage networking. Delegates wear a coloured LED disc. The aim of the game is to get as many colours on your disc as possible. To do this attendees must start conversations and tap discs.

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