Five ways to capitalise on the new era of connected creative events

A View from Jez Pazman

Last month’s SXSW showed how far events have come from PowerPoint sales pitches and warm wine.

South by Southwest is just one high-profile example of a wider creative renaissance in the events space. The industry is changing rapidly to meet the changing needs of business and consumers. Today’s audience value surprising interactions that are as much about forming real-world connections as they are about consuming content.

With this in mind, here are five ways brands can design creative events that will attract and deeply engage their target audience.

1 Embrace the power of entertainment

In an ever-more digital world, face-to-face experiences have a special kind of magic. Your audiences are willing you to do something wonderful and they’re more likely to engage when they have a smile on their face.

One example is Google’s theme-park-style ride to bring to life Google Assistant at the Consumer Electronics Show – an entertaining reimagining of a product demonstration at a technology conference….………

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