4 Cool Ways We’ve Seen Holograms Used At Events

A View from Emma Wood

With the amplification of technology and the ability to make the impossible possible, it’s not surprising that the music industry are capitalising on the use of holograms in live concerts.

Only last month, Whitney Houston has become the latest performer to be morphed into a hologram for a series of concerts despite her passing away in 2012. Houston will appear on stage as a 3D hologram on a digital tour, supported by a live band, bringing fans the globally-renowned icon and recordings of her songs which make her seemingly appear “live” in concert.

As hologram technology gets ever more sophisticated,we can expect to see holograms continue to appear across the events world in different and exciting ways. Here’s some other innovative ways we’ve seen holograms used at events recently:

Cruelty-Free but Spectacular Circus

By shunning tradition and opting to use holographic images rather than live animals, this German Circus has created an ethical circus that still offers dancing horses, elephants and rings of fire but all through a cleverly pulled-together set of holograms. Despite taking this brave and unusual stance, the shows are now just as popular and perhaps even more magical than they were before.

Bringing Music Stars Back to LIfe: Holographic Digital Music Tours

High-Tech concerts are becoming a trend set to stay with audiences being able to experience landmark concerts and high-profile artists even if its from beyond the grave! With holographic images becoming more and more realistic, this is a trend that is set to revolutionise the experience for concert crowds globally. 

War of the Worlds: Holographic Theatre Performance

Through the use of holograms, motion simulators and audio, this immersive theatrical experience allows the actors and creators to guide the audience through the maze of intricately designed sets and tell the story in a whole new way. A unique way of merging a big story in an intimate way.

Imperial College: Business Lectures by Holographic Professors

For the first time in the world, business students at Imperial College in London are going to be offered lectures by holographic professors. The holograms will be able to engage in real-time conversations and take questions via camera link as if they were really in the room.

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