Beehive virtual environment

Beehive delivers the virtual experiences your customers and employees really value


Share new ideas in a highly effective learning environment


Networking that takes full advantage of the digital space


Help people work together to generate new thinking

Put your audience at the heart of the experience with a highly immersive virtual environment, full of intelligent engagement opportunities

Brand an existing environment or create one to reflect your event

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Engagement Features

Choose the style of engagement that's right for your audience.

Is your focus on helping people collaborate or is it about interacting with great content? Do you want people to personalise their experience or follow a fixed agenda?

We know it's likely to be a combination of things, so we help you fine-tune an experience perfectly suited to your event.

Dynamic Agendas

Choose whether you want your audience to be in control of their own journey or follow a set path. Give people the freedom to explore your content or automatically move them through an agenda.

Diverse Content

Host multiple presentation streams and breakout sessions, maximise audience interaction with live Q&A, voting and polling. Help people easily navigate diverse content and seamlessly move between spaces.


People are able to self-profile, search other attendees and identify valuable connections. They can request and diarise one-on-one video conversations. Fun video games can be included to help people connect in a more relaxed way.


People can select and move between video enabled topic tables. They can benefit from whiteboarding and other online facilitation tools.


Introduce a wide array of on-demand content with an exhibition or marketplace zone. Help people navigate different experiences, designing themed zones and using a search functionality.


Nudge particular behaviours by offering points and integrating a leaderboard.

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