That's Interesting March

Welcome to March’s ‘That’s Interesting’. This month you’ll find views on the future of events, go behind the scenes at the most incredible music festival and stop by one of the world’s greatest live spectacles.

Most Interesting

Your 2021 Event Audience (7min read)
As we look towards a post-pandemic world, what do audiences value? Jez’s M&IT article shares the findings of our Anatomy of the 2021 Event Audience Report.

Just Plain Interesting

Shorter, Smarter Conferences (5min read)
Wired magazine’s view on how the pandemic will change conferences.

How Tomorrowland Was Created (15min read)
Not surprisingly this took rather a lot of producing!

COP26 – In-Person, Live or Hybrid (5min read)
Why it really really needs to be live.

Event KPIs (5min read)
A useful resource.

Jam Sessions(2min explore)
A useful resource.

Harbin Ice Festival (1min explore)
One of the world’s great spectacles

Book To Read

The Art of Gathering(1min read)
Looks like essential reading for anyone working in events – we’ll report back!

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