Today’s event audiences value choice.
They want the option to join in-person or virtually

However they choose to attend, they expect an experience that offers valuable engagement with the content and with other attendees.

Whether you’re looking to bring physical and digital audiences together or want to reduce travel by linking dispersed venues into a single multi-location hybrid experience, we can help.

Our Hybrid Services:

Hybrid Planning

Key to a successful hybrid event is starting with in-depth engagement planning. We’ll help you design an inclusive event based on an understanding of what audiences’ value from attending virtually or in-person. Whether you’re developing a virtual first or ‘physical first experience.

Working closely with you to understand your business needs, we’ll develop multi-channel experiences that offer the most valuable engagement for your audience.

Live Union’s platform, Beehive Hybrid+, is the ideal way to create a unified experience for virtual and in-person audiences.

Designed for both desktop and mobile it ensures interaction between attendees – wherever they may be.
Find out more about our multi-channel event services.

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