That’s Interesting – February 2024

“The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.”  – George Lois

Welcome to this month’s That’s Interesting.

At Live Union we create uplifting experiences, connecting people with ideas and to one another. This means being curious and hunting out inspiration from far and wide – below we share the best of what we’ve uncovered this month.

If you’d like to discuss reimagining your experiences, whether in-person or broadcast, then please do drop us a line.

We hope you enjoy this month’s dose of inspiration.

(3min Explore)

Now this could make VR interesting. Incredible technology developed by Disney (scroll to 3mins)


(2 min Explore)

12 meters of living plants in this award-winning stage design, built with completely reusable materials.

(1 min Read)

These rides built by famous artists were kept in storage for 40 years before singer Drake brought them back to create a ‘fairground of sensations’.

(2 min Explore)

Mesmerising analogue technology. Many ways to use these beauties at events.

(1 min Explore)

Would look fabulous on a large scale as part of a set design.

(1 min Explore)

Useful resource to help events achieve inclusion and accessibility.

(30 min Listen)

A fascinating insight into the production design that sits behind shows such as the forthcoming Alice's Adventures Underground.

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