Beehive Launches
Circles Functionality

Beehive launches Circles functionality – turning virtual experiences into communal experiences.

To see Circles in action watch our 1 minute video here

With virtual becoming a permanent part of a multi-channel event future, audiences want to enjoy the informal conversations – the corridor chats – that are such a valued part of in-person events. Beehive’s Circles function makes this a reality.

As you travel through a Beehive event, you and your Circle can share ideas on the go. You can recommend content to one another and keep in touch wherever you are in the event.

You can choose to set up your own Circle of up to six people or join someone else’s. Alternatively, the event organiser can pre-populate Circles.

Circles is the perfect way for friends and colleagues to enjoy virtual and hybrid events together.

To find out more about Circles book a Beehive demo with our team by emailing

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