What e-sports means for events, interactive storytelling, a handy venue search tool and much more in July’s edition of That’s Interesting.

Beautiful interactive display. (2min explore)
Wonderful exhibition animation that uses conductive ink to tell stories

Reinventing the way stories are told. (5min explore)
As you’d expect The Future of Storytelling conference is chock full of interesting event format ideas

Taking it Off Grid. (2min read)
Happening right now, a really interesting conference and another example of the trend for taking events into the great outdoors

Furniture matters. (3 min read)
Using furniture to design better interactions at events.

eSports – the amazing coming together of live and digital. (6min explore)
If you’re interested in the future of events you need to know about eSports. There’s also this on the same subject.

Blank Canvas – London Venues. (2 min explore)
A useful tool for finding some unusual venues.

A clever and simple idea to improve networking. (3min explore)

Wrong type of conference. (5min read)
Are conferences chasing the dopamine kick at the expense of people actually learning anything?

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