Welcome to December’s Interesting. A bumper edition of useful resources to help prepare for 2018 as well as snowball fights and turkeys.

Kick off your next event with a snowball fight (2min explore)
Nice way to build participation from the start

Stage set of the year (3min explore)
U2’s stunning Joshua Tree tour set broke all sorts of records for using LED, good video here

How to get your audience to risk doing something different (3min read)
Overcome the ‘our guys won’t do that’ objection by creating the right group dynamic

Groundbreaking visual collaboration tool for presenters (3min read)
Really interesting way to increase engagement with presented content

Touchscreen without a screen (3min explore)
Turn any surface into an interactive screen

Eyecon Art (2min explore)
We’re big fans of this simple but surprisingly compelling concept. The gallery page has some wonderful ideas for creating artwork out of your audience’s eyes

Extremely useful list of event tech (10min explore)
A comprehensive list of event tools from registration to streaming. One to file away

The creative process (7min watch)
Overcoming challenges, self-doubt, changing course, collaboration, it’s all here

Ultimate list of event marketing stats (10min explore)
Whether you’re writing a presentation for your next event programme or mulling new event tech you’ll find a stat to help

How to calculate the value of your lead gen event (3min read)
Compelling ways to demonstrate the value of your sales events

Something interesting to go to:
Smithfield Market’s famous Christmas Eve auction (2min read)
Confusingly happening on the 23rd December this rekindled tradition is just the place to pick up your turkey

Something beautiful:
Mesmerising experiential art (2min explore)