Set Design Trends for Events – Interesting Breakfast

Conor took the helm for the third of our Interesting Breakfast talks, sharing four trends in set design.

Raw Materials 

Sweeping corporate backdrops are out, replaced by a vogue for more left-field materials. As businesses choose varied and creative venues we’re seeing sets that echo the building’s design. Like this nice scaffolding example we came across created for Google.


As events become more multi-dimensional, with the focus shifting from plenary sessions, so sets need to facilitate this. Below is an example of an event where the networking and plenary spaces have merged giving people a choice of how they engage with presentations.

360 Designs for Events

The desire for more intimate settings often leads to 360 solutions. This can of course be a challenge for presenters. The below trefoil set, designed by Live Union, kept the audience close without the need for presenting in the round.

Screen Solutions 

As innovative screens become more accessible, so an increasing number of events are replacing physical sets with interesting screen formats. Relying on fantastic screen content to engage their audience. The below screen design which we found with its beveled edges is a simple clean example.

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