Re-imagining your events



Re-imagining Your Events

At Live Union we believe there’s never been a more exciting time to design and produce events. Innovations in event formats and technologies are changing what an event can be. And today’s audiences value different things and are keen to engage in new ways. So, there’s endless scope to transform your events.

Whether your audience are customers or employees we draw inspiration from far and wide, creating events that change minds and behaviours, spark ideas and connections, and leave lasting memories.

Venue FindingLogistics

Narrative DevelopmentContent Creation

Design & VideoPresentation Design

EntertainmentLive & Digital Production



Multi-location hybrid events are revolutionising how businesses communicate with their employees.

Linking multiple locations together into a single live event blends the benefits of virtual events with the power of face-to-face. We’ve pioneered award winning hybrid events, understanding not only how to make the most of the technology but how to design formats and agendas that maximise engagement between locations.

Hub Main event location (Corp HQ or venue)

Satellite Multiple event locations (Regional offices or venues)

Remote Users Individuals joining via laptops or smart devices

Content Mix:

  • Live broadcast from hub
  • Local presentations and group work
  • Digital channels for interaction between locations


Whether standalone celebratory spectaculars or incredible performance-led content at other events, Live Union’s entertainment division creates lasting memories.

In an experience rich world only the truly amazing will impress your audience. We transform venues into wonderlands, source incredible talent and choreograph performances that bring your story to life.

  • Creative theming
  • Talent sourcing
  • Choreography
  • Venue theming
  • Prop building



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