It’s been a busy few months of events. Here’s a quick taster of some of the things we’ve learnt along the way.

Play is the perfect antidote for technophobes

Digital transformation is a term that pops up in lots of briefs. Events are seen as a great opportunity to get hands-on with new technology. For many people this spells humiliation.

We’ve overcome this with something we call the digital playground. Giving people fun, lively, creative, experiences of technology. It could be VR painting with Google Tiltbrush or trying out a pair of Snapchat Spectacles, the result is to stimulate a positive tech mindset.

The richer the content the harder the navigation

Content can be overwhelming. Museums know this. That’s why they develop things like online tools for planning your visit.

Something we’ve borrowed from the museum world is the curated tour. Small groups book on to tours and are guided through the content, helping them orientate themselves and plan the rest of their experience. It’s a simple idea that can be expanded upon as a self-guided tour via your event app.

Gamify like you mean it

Events can ask too much of their audience: network, explore content, come up with ideas, share pithy insights via social media. Gamification, done badly, is just another ask of an already frazzled delegate.

That said, when really committed to and positioned at the heart of the event, with clearly communicated goals and motivating rewards, gamification adds amazing value and leads people deeper into an experience.

There’s always another content dimension

Sometimes your options seem limited. A small exhibition stand in a hectic expo hall, where getting noticed is the priority, might not seem to offer a way to communicate detailed content.

We recently overcame these constraints using AR. Visitors could journey deeper into an augmented layer of information, accessed via tablets interacting with the stand’s photography. It was a simple, easy to execute, example of the opportunities of mixed reality.

Don’t lose your spectacles

We live in serious times. Dramatic production can be seen as profligate. But spectacles have the power to motivate, energize and express the basic human joy of people coming together at an event.

With a thousand people, one day and acres of content, drama played a vital role in energizing employees at an event for a financial services client. A surprising reveal of three giant inflatable spaces and people walking through the stage set to enter them was an incredibly enlivening way to start the day.