A post by James Noake.  

I’ve got World Cup fever.

It isn’t the football. It’s the graphics.

For me the World Cup is a festival of spectacular screen graphics: analysis, player profiles and stats.

Big budget live TV events, such as election nights and World Cups, tend to break new ground for live graphics that dynamically respond to data. Much like an event, these graphics are cued live by directors and graphics ops, often in an outside broadcast unit.

World Cup 2018 promises to be a graphics bonanza. A new generation of graphics servers, including Ventuz and D3, are allowing incredible real-time 3D rendering using powerful Graphics Process Units (GPU’s).

In the past the most powerful graphics systems were the preserve of TV production studios with larger budgets and a safe studio environment to host the fragile servers. However, recent advancements in GPU’s mean that events can feature the same calibre of real time graphics. At Live Union we’ve been harnessing these new opportunities for live data visualisation, 3D models and audience interaction.

For your next event graphics look to TV for inspiration.

Surely the best excuse going for watching football at work!